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We, BookHER Agency, have discovered a unique opportunity to counter the injustices currently keeping people of color out of the benefits of being a professional in the beauty space. Textured hair products and services are not deemed “PRO” and are left out of the licensing process, resulting in being under qualified for life and business beyond the chair.

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Nearly two million people are incarcerated in state or federal prisons and local jails,

2.9 million people are on probation, and over 800,000 people are on parole.

We seek to become the first Global, fully Accredited, fully Digital, Cosmetology School.

Our mission is to provide underserved communities and the incarcerated population access to go PRO. This work is made possible by a team of beauty brands, industry insiders, and you.


Influencer marketing, endorsements, and product placement from people and organizations who have expert level knowledge or social influence in their fields can push brand awareness exponentially.


We are prepared to increase Salons by JC social influence by partnering with influencers across the country and most importantly in the building. BKHR has an Influencer Network of over 200 MILLION followers to leverage the growth

and brand awareness of Salons by JC.

We share a unique experience as women with textured hair and all the ways we choose to present it. No matter if it's covered, extended, chopped, or protected, we show up!! But through all the great looks, I wasn't showing up for my own hair. INALA was birthed out of this need, to maintain the integrity of my hair, while serving the latest styles.

I partnered with textured hair Professionals, Cosmetologists, and Chemists, in my continued commitment to create opportunities for diversity and inclusion. I'm proud to say INALA is formulated with love and backed by cosmetic science.

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The La La Land Foundation's “ThreeSixty” program is an initiative at Rikers Island, providing mentorship and life coaching, legal services, and re-entry tools, to young men ages 18–21 years old who are incarcerated, specifically in the Robert N. Davoren (RNDC) Complex. Weekly interactions and meetings focus on life-building skills that are helpful during their time incarcerated and instrumental to re-entry into the community upon release.

A large part of our work is assisting these young men to understand and navigate the legal system. We help bring clarity to each of their cases, connect them with lawyers, also making court appearances with each young man to address the court directly on their behalf..

RE-ENTRY & RELEASE being the end goal, the initiative helps young men with creating resumes, and ultimately securing jobs. We are committed to providing continued assistance through life-skill-building workshops, and housing aid.

“When I reflect now, I honestly wanted to have a job where I didn’t have a boss and had autonomy,” says Vee Vargas of Oakland’s Be Here Salon. After 12 years of training in the luxury hair game, she has just that—and she’s ready to share the experience. Vargas just announced that she’s launching a cosmetology apprenticeship program based on liberatory teaching methods, and open to BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, and first-generation youth aged 16 to 24.

She’s called her program Be Infinite, and her first apprentice will soon begin training. Vargas is hoping to move the needle in an industry that is plagued by a racial divide that impacts customers as much as professionals. She hopes that Be Infinite will help stylists from marginalized communities to make it in the industry

and in particular, salons that offer high-end

services to clientele.


To create a lasting impact for ​participants by paying a living ​wage with benefits during ​educational training while ​investing in one on one trauma ​informed mentorship focused on ​graduating into the luxury hair ​industry.


Integrating trauma informed and ​liberatory teaching methods with ​cutting edge technology and ​luxury creative skills centering ​Black, Indigenous, People of Color ​(BIPOC), LGBTQIA2S+ and 1st ​generation aged 16+ community ​members.

Meet Sarah Hyldahl, founder of Smile Bright Teeth Whitening. For a little under a year, Sarah was once a part of the incarcerated population. Upon returning home, she found herself now alienated by her peers, friends, family, and potential employers.

“Since walking beyond the fence of FCI Tallahassee and returning home,

I realized that no matter how close friends we’re, how amazing our family is...

there are things they just can’t understand”

The beauty industry presented an opportunity to not just survive what she calls


she was able to thrive and provide a beautiful life for herself and her daughter.

It is her mission to pour back into the incarcerated community through beauty.


Salon Suites accepts BKHR accreditation


BKHR's network of beauty professionals is unmatched. Founded on the idea that education is key to any successful beauty PRO. BKHR is prepared to develop curriculum, produce education models that informs and inspires students to find their space in the vast opportunities of the beauty industry.


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Director of Education: Aminah Lawson


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